ASP.NET Boilerplate – boost your web app startup!

How many times did you start creating your web application from scratch? When I was younger I was always thrilled to do this (usually motivated by a new brilliant idea that’s going to bring me millions of dollars). The initial enthusiasm of starting with the new project in my case usually starts to drop after couple days. I’m getting stucked struggling with the environment, setting up ORMs, DIs, DBs and other s’es. Fortunately, there is a smart solution how to skip this part of the web development process.

Boilerplate – a smarter way

I’ve heard about ASP.NET Boilerplates from my colleague Maciek Jędrzejewski a while ago. As I’m not interested in bringing up another ASP.NET web app from scratch again, I followed his advise to try it. And I must say I’m quite impressed! It took me about half an hour to include the application into my project and setup the database. What’s the result? Angular2-powered ASP.NET web app with users management is ready to use. Nice!

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