Boiling Frogs 2017 – conference retrospective

Yesterday I was at Boiling Frogs 2017 – a conference for software developers organized in Wrocław. The organizers picked Hala Stulecia” as a place which was a great choise in my opinion. The conference wasn’t targeted for any specific programming language thought. The idea was: no matter which language you use, there is a kind of general knowledge that connects all of them.

The conference started at 9AM with the opening that revealed the story behind rather unique name. I didn’t know it and must admit it’s racy! For those who don’t know it I recommend to get the ticket for next year edition, you won’t regret. I enoyed all speeches and discussions during the day, but after all I regret some of my choices. Fortunatelly, I will be able to make this up as the organizors promised to share recaps of the speeches soon.

If next year edition will be as good as this one (or even better), I can trully recommend to attend this conference in next year for each programmer. I learned some new approaches, noted down some interesting book titles to my reading to-do and got better overview on software development job market. I’m looking forward to Boiling Frogs 2018!